Photo retouching for marketplaces

Basic prices for our services

We try to keep prices as low as possible
on the photo retouching market and offer
our simple and correct solutions for clients.

Why change and clean the cyclorama every time, devote a lot of time to it, adjust lighting background, so that each photo does not differ much from each other on the site, when you can simply replace the background with a perfectly clean and even lighting.
We offer two options for solving this problem:

Option 1

Cost of 1 photo 10 RUB.

The service includes clipping the item without any interventions. Final photo in .png format on a transparent background with preservation original size without trimming.

Option 2

Cost of 1 photo 15 RUB.

The service includes clipping the item, background replacement, setting by frames. Final photo in the customer's format in a pre-agreed amount.

Photo retouching cost

Additional terms
for retouching services and their cost are discussed individually.

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